Helping you give more to the Lord’s work

Legacy Ministries assists Christians in accomplishing their financial and estate planning goals and supports Evangelical Churches and associated ministries with financial and governance related matters.

We understand the needs associated with planning for your retirement and estate. We provide confidential and sensitive guidance on various options available to you. We can help you reduce taxes, ensure your retirement needs are met and leave a legacy of giving to the Lord’s work.

Legacy Ministries was created and exists for the following specific purposes.

To promote the stewardship of possessions through Bible teaching in sermons, workshops, seminars, print materials, social media and the internet.

To provide management of funds entrusted to our administration and provide a channel for the distribution of donated funds to charity.

To provide charitable estate planning and charitable gifting options from a Christian perspective.

To strengthen the long-term financial stability of Christian ministries by supporting their efforts in planned giving promotion.