Do you have real WILL power?

Do you have real WILL power?

No, this is not a blog post about diet and exercise. Well, I guess it has a bit to do with exercise, exercising your rights & wishes after you are no longer here.

Did you know 70% of Canadians either do not have a will or their will is out of date? If you do not have a will there is a great chance your wishes after you pass away may not be honoured or executed as you wished. Here are some great tips to follow when you are getting ready to prepare your first will or things to consider when updating your current will.

  1. List your assets and liabilities​
  2. Choose your beneficiaries – those who will receive your estate​
  3. Choose your executors – those who manage and distribute your estate​
  4. Choose the guardians of your children (if applicable)​
  5. Make it clear and precise, so that you and your executors understand it​
  6. Review it from time to time and when your circumstances change​

If you have any questions about your current will, or if you are looking to get a will done, please contact us and we will do our very best to help you with this extremely important undertaking.

Disclaimer: This article provides information only and is not intended to confer legal or financial advice or opinion. If you have any further questions please consult a lawyer or accountant. Please note as well that many of the statements herein are general principles which may vary on a case by case basis.