Ministry Spotlight- Agape Valley

Ministry Spotlight- Agape Valley

Ministry spotlight is a new series for our blog that will share with you information about different ministries. It will be a “get to know you” style blog post, just giving info about the ministry, what they do, how they run, and how you can help. After cycling through our list we will also look to do ministry updates as well as share info about big projects/changes at these ministries.

 Agape Valley Bible Camp

1. To minister to our visitors from the Niagara Peninsula and elsewhere in presenting the message of the Bible, the Good News, that people may experience forgiveness of sins and come to a personal relationship with God Himself through personal faith in Jesus Christ, God’s Son.
2. To support Niagara regional church and para-church organizations and their mission as they assist their constituencies.
3. To manage the property in a reputable manner as responsible stewards. N.S.C.M. will strive to maintain the natural environment and preserve the unique natural characteristics of the property.

Agape is a volunteer run ministry that consists of; spring maple syrup bush tours & pancake house, summer kids camps,  facility rentals, fall harvest festival, hay ride & hot dog cookout rentals and a Christmas store.

Check out their website for ways to help support the ministry out at Agape Valley.

If you work for or know of a ministry you would like to see shared in our Ministry Spotlight blog please contact us with the name, location and website for the ministry. If you are interested in supporting any of these ministries with a DAF please contact us.