Ministry Spotlight- Gospel Trust

Ministry Spotlight- Gospel Trust

Ministry spotlight is a new series for our blog that will share with you information about different ministries. It will be a “get to know you” style blog post, just giving info about the ministry, what they do, how they run, and how you can help. After cycling through our list we will also look to do ministry updates as well as share info about big projects/changes at these ministries.

Gospel Trust Canada is a service organization which supports assembly commended workers who are engaged full time in the Lord’s work at home and abroad. This service is provided in compliance with Scriptural principles and government legislation.

Aims and Objectives

  • To further the gospel of Christ in missionary and home fields as carried on by Christians gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • To maintain missionaries engaged in gospel, medical and educational projects in foreign fields throughout the world
  • To assist in the care of the aged at home and abroad
  • To give relief and assistance to affected peoples in areas of famine, flood or other disasters
  • To accept, receive and take by devise, bequest, gift or legacy for the objects of the Trust Fund

For more information about this ministry please check out their website.

If you work for or know of a ministry you would like to see shared in our Ministry Spotlight blog please contact us with the name, location and website for the ministry. If you are interested in supporting any of these ministries with a DAF please contact us.