Ministry Spotlight- Uplook Ministries

Ministry Spotlight- Uplook Ministries

Ministry spotlight is a new series for our blog that will share with you information about different ministries. It will be a “get to know you” style blog post, just giving info about the ministry, what they do, how they run, and how you can help. After cycling through our list we will also look to do ministry updates as well as share info about big projects/changes at these ministries.

Uplook Ministries

William Pell as a young teenager began printing gospel tracts in his mother’s parlor to distribute in the area surrounding Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1927, his fledgling ministry teamed up with Leonard Sheldrake whose desire was to was stir up the saints through a small magazine called “Look On the Fields.” Later its name was changed to Uplook. Their purpose was to stir up and build up God’s people through biblical articles, spurring them to prayer and action regarding gospel work in North America. Previous editors included Peter Pell, John Stellema, Jabe Nicholson and James Martin. This online archive features the issues from the last two editors.

As stated in the masthead: “Uplook magazine is intended to encourage the people of God in fidelity to His Word, fervency in intercessory prayer, labors more abundant and love to the Lord. Believing in the practical Headship of Christ and the local autonomy of each assembly, this is not intended to be an official organ of any group or federation of local churches. The editor and authors take responsibility for materials published. For any blessing which accrues, to God be the glory.”

For more information about this ministry please check out their website.

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