Ministry Partners

LMC Partners Overview
This document outlines the different types of partners that support and further the work of Legacy Ministries Canada (LMC). Without these faithful partners the ministry could not function.

Prayer Partners
Prayer is the power that drives the success of any ministry and we are acutely aware of the need for prayer partners. Each quarter a prayer newsletter will be distributed to those who wish to pray for us.  This will be sent via email and will contain a short update on the ministry and some items to pray for.

Knowledge Partners
LMC is a service organization and touches on areas that are highly informational. This requires the expertise of individuals who are skilled in various industries such as estate planning, legal counsel, financial advice and tax planning.  Our knowledge partners help in various ways such as speaking at seminars, writing blog posts and joining us on podcasts and video. If you are thinking of being a knowledge partner with us, please check out this knowledge partner document.

Ministry Partners
The mission of LMC is to further the work of the Lord through our ministry partners.  These partners are the hands and feet of the gospel and discipleship around the world. Our ministry partners support us by connecting LMC with their donor base and supporters. They also help financially and by providing updates to their work that we can pass along to those who are interested in learning more about their ministries.  If you are thinking of being a ministry partner with us, please check out this ministry partner document.

Funding Partners
Every ministry has expenses that are necessary for the operation of the work. We do not take any amount of funds that are donated to other ministries for our operations. This means that 100% of our financial budget comes from our services, individual donors, churches and ministry partners. We are so thankful to the Lord for those who support us financially.

Help support LMC
If you would like to help support the ministry of Legacy Ministries Canada in any of the areas listed above please contact us at or call us at 833-562-4483.

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