Due to the complexity and uniqueness of Will prepration LMC does not prepare Wills. We do however, review the requirements of Wills with clients and give insight into areas of interest which can be used in options 2 or 3.

We do not charge any fee for the review of Wills and/or preparation of Power of Attorney documents. We do not solicit donations and there is no obligation to give to LMC. Many clients have given donations for which we are thankful to the Lord.

LegalWills.ca is an independent organization which works with lawyers in Canada to provide legal document creation services to the public, but is not itself tied to a particular law firm. They allow for the creation of a legal Will and Power of Attorney documents with the option of having the documents verified by a qualified lawyer.

LMC can take the requirements for your Will and prepare the Will using the tools at LegalWills.ca. Not all Wills are suited for this service, however, many are.

The cost for LegalWills.ca tools starts at $39.95 and increases depending on the complexity of your needs. Power of Attorney (POA) documents start at $19.95. These prices give you unlimited access and changes to all documents for 1 year.  Addition years of storage (and unlimited updates to your will & POA documents) are sold by LegalWills.ca for;

Add 1 year: $11.95 CAD
Add 5 years: $24.95 CAD (50% savings)
Add 10 years: $34.95 CAD (70% savings)
Add 25 years: $74.95 CAD (75% savings)
Lifetime: $124.95 CAD

To have a lawyer review your documents, the fee is $69.00 for the first will and $41.40 for the spouse. These fees are paid directly to Legalwills.ca.

For complex Wills and Power of Attorney documents we suggest that clients engage the services of an estate lawyer. LMC can create the basis of the will and ensure that all desires are included before bringing in legal counsel. Lawyer fees can become expensive but may save money down the road when a Will needs to be executed. We have connections with lawyers in Canada if you do not already have a lawyer you work with.

If you would like more information about legawill.ca please visit them at their website here.