Product Review- Quickbooks Online

Product Review- Quickbooks Online

Jon here with another product review. Today we will be taking a look at Quickbooks Online.

Have you ever found yourself in need of an accounting program? Whether for a business or just tracking personal finances? Quickbooks Online is a product you may be considering.

I have had the opportunity to work with this accounting software in a few different areas. I will write a little about each use and a review for it.’

Small Business- I spoke in our other product review about a business my brother and I had started. We used QBO for our accounting and payroll. It was a super user friendly program and it had so many great features built right in. If you are running a business, I would for sure recommend checking out QBO.

Ministry- I am blessed to sit on the board of a couple ministries, of which QBO is the main program used for accounting. It is such a great program for multiple users, located anywhere (being completely online) to use to keep track of all things finances and business. As far as ministry goes, if you are looking for a great user friendly accounting package, check out QBO and see what they can offer your ministry.

Church Finances- Recently we have been working on switching our accounting to a “cloud based” program and as such took a look into QBO. We had a nice smooth transition from our old accounting software to our new online based Quickbooks. Once again, I highly recommend this product for your church accounting needs


Check out intuits website to get more info about QBO and see their pricing for the different tiers available.

Disclaimer: This article provides information only and is not to be taken as legal, financial or tax related advice.