Choose the right Executor

Choosing an executor is a critical decision in how your estate will be managed after you pass away. It’s important that the right executor handles your finances.

“An executor is charged with duties such as assembling and valuing the estate assets, filing tax returns, paying all taxes and debts, ensuring beneficiaries get what is willed to them, and ensuring proper records are kept of everything that has been paid and disbursed.

He or she should also be someone who is likely to outlive the person who has written the will, is skilled and educated in legal and financial matters, is hopefully familiar with the estate, has no conflict of interest, and is known for his or her honesty and loyalty.”

Legacy Ministries can act as your Executor

There are many reasons to use an organization like Legacy Ministries to act as Executor of your estate.

  1. Continuance.  By appointing Legacy Ministries as your Executor you are assured that we will be available when your estate needs executing.  Appointing an individual can lead to complications if that individual passes away or becomes incapacitated before your will is fully executed.
  2. Expertise.  Executing a will can be a very labour intensive and time consuming process. We have the skills and experience to make sure your will is executed in the most efficient manner. We have all the connections needed to ensure that your beneficiaries receive the maximum benefit from your estate.
  3. Unbiased. As a third party we are unbiased and avoid the many pitfalls of family members or friends carrying out your will.  Many wills are tied up in courts for years because of family disputes. With Legacy Ministries we have only your best interest as our interest.
  4. Lower Fees.  Most executor services (including individuals) receive between 3% and 5% to carry out a will. Legacy Ministries takes only 2% which means more benefits go to your beneficiaries instead of administrative costs.
  5. Biblical Focus.  At Legacy Ministries we take the Word of God seriously and we strive to live it out in all our practices and services. We put your needs as a Christian at the top of our priority list.